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More than 15 years of experience in the production of video clips mainly in France , We are located in Gran Canaria

Canary Prod

Our business

Keeping an eye on the budget
Canaryprod manages the money needed to complete a film or video clip project. He assesses costs and draws up estimates to maintain a balanced budget.

Managing administration
The administrative, human, artistic and legal management of the project is another important aspect of our production activity. We recruit the technical team (cameramen, sound engineers, editors, etc.) and draw up their contracts. We also ensure that the schedule and artistic stakes are respected.

Organizing and negotiating
We also take care of the organization and logistics of the shoot: car rental, booking plane tickets or hotel rooms, ordering a meal for the whole crew, etc. Working with suppliers, we select services (studio rental, cameras, lighting) .


If you would like to offer accommodation for our film shoots, please fill in the form.

Our Team

Our team at your service

Dominique B

Dominique B

Co-Founder & Production coordinator

John Harrison

John Harrison

Production Assistant

Michael D

Michael D


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